Mystery Flycatcher from Ecuador

Are these pictures of Empidonax flycatchers? This has been identified as an Alder or Willow Flycatcher. All three photos are of the same bird taken in a few minutes. Do you agree with the identification?

On the basis of the response received from Frontiers of Field Identification, I've changed the tentative identification.

Small-billed Elaenia   Elania parvirostris
Sacha Lodge, Ecuador  2001-06-26
S0 28.517 W76 28.529 Altitude 725 ft.
Canon Eos D30 + Cannon 300 f/2.8 APO 2:1 1/180-5.6 at 600 mm
  © David Cahlander

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The identifications received from the Fontiers of Field Identification are: