Mystery Bird from Ecuador

I have been trying to identify one of the birds that I photgraphed in Ecuador on a recent trip, on Jun 26, 2001. The location is Eastern Ecuador near the Napo River. This is an open area near the river. I have 4 different identifications of the bird. Three of the identifications are by experts, and they are all different.

Below are three photographs taken of the "Mystery bird" along with drawings of some of the candidate identifications. All three photographs are taken within a 2 minute interval. The drawings are from the book "The Birds of Ecuador - Field Guide, Robert S. Ridgely and Paul J. Greenfield".

Taken 2001 Jun 26 9:21:49 CDT

Taken 2001 Jun 26 9:22:31 CDT

2001 Jun 26 9:23:33 CDT

Crowned Slaty Flycatcher - BoE 74-13

Swainson's Flycatcher - Ridgely 73-16

Golden-crowned Flaycatcher - BoE 74-21

This bird has been posted to the "Frontiers of Field Identification" listserv. One additional possibility was reported by two people. Before posting to the listserv, the identifications that I received were:

Identification received from Robert Ridgely:

The identifications received from the Fontiers of Field Identification are:

Notes sent for clarification:

I sent a note to Paul Greenfield:

I sent a note to Peter English:

I sent a note to Martin Reid:

Note to John Sterling:

It certainly is interesting that so many different identifications have been made of this bird.

Peter English brings up the point of the yellow cast shown under the bird. I'm not sure if this is actual color or a misrepresentation of the color by my camera. The camera seems to give a very accurate color rendition, but lighting may effect its output. The pictures are taken with a Cannon D-30 digital camera. All the pictures are taken with an f/2.8 300mm lens with a 2x doubler. In order to provide some indication of color shift, the two photographs below are taken at about the same time as the three pictures shown above. The second picture shows a distinct yellow cast on the bird.

Variegated Flycatcher - 2001 Jun 26 9:15:18 CDT


Variegated Flycatcher - 2001 Jun 26 9:23:40 CDT
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